[Gundam00] Tieria the diva

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Kinda feel like a fool for paying LJ anything but I'm not going to be using LJ anymore for my entries (I have one left to do before i move), but I find it highly disturbing that every time I use this website, I'm always re-directed to third party websites (namely: scorecardresearch.com, outboundlink.net, quantserve.com) before I continue onto lj. And no I don't have a virus either.

The last thing I want is to be tracked wherever I go on LJ and it happens mostly on the communities, even with adblock plus, and noscript, it still redirects me. LJ is changing it up every time, I had to block at least 3 subdomains of scorecardresearch.com in the last 2 weeks.

Btw, if you sell stuff or just even remotely put links on LJ, the company is stealing revenue away from you with the redirect.

I'm moving my journal to dreamwidth.org. I still will read everyone's entries and comment, but mostly twitter is my way of micro-blogging now. I'm also on tumblr, please comment below with your name so we can both follow/friend each other

Edited: 09/22/2012